This hot tub was removed from service because it did not match current Pima County Health Code Requirements at a hotel that recently changed owners. It is still up to code for private use. When removed it was leaking some water from the axle shaft of one of the pumps. This will need to be replaced. Also one of the PVC pipes broke when moving, will need to be replaced. I estimate the parts to replace it under $10. The cover is not in the best shape, and the sides are falling off from old age and moving it. If you have always wanted a hot tub this is a good starter hot tub for you. I started with a simple one like this before diving in to get a more advanced one. There is some pack rat droppings on the underside but you can inspect the tub and see there is no electrical damage from those little critters from hell. Have a forklift on site, can load onto your trailer for you. 220V Electric 50amp If interested, please email: