*************************** Update 11/11/17: I went to start it to prepare for a prospective buyer and I couldn't get it to start. The fuel at the fuel rail smells like varnish, so the fuel finally turned. When I pump fuel in through the fuel rail pressure port it will turn over. Will also turn over with starting fluid. Put some fuel treatment in and 4 gallons of 91 octane. No luck turning over. I suspect fuel pump. Tank will need to be dropped, or hole cut in trunk. Buyer will need to fix. I have a tow dolly and can help deliver both limo and donor car in the city of Tucson. ***************************

Video tour shot 11/11/17

*************************** It is finally the end of an era and I have to say goodbye to the ex 'Crown Jewel' of my fleet. Ride Sharing has ruined the taxi business, thus ruining my limo business which I ran like a taxi offering really low flat rates on campus for the college students. Here are some quick specs then I will go over condition: 2000 Lincoln Town Car Executive 10 passenger Limo, Conversion done by US Coachworks. Clean Title, 155,115 miles 4.6l Engine. Suspension overhaul from airbags to springs. Engine is solid I would drive it to Vegas today if the paint job were done. This has the single panoramic window on each side, as most have two. These are really hard to find, trust me, I've been trying to find a replacement limo. Now for the condition: I removed the vinyl top with the hopes of redoing it in truck bed liner that was tan. I wanted it to look like vinyl but also withstand the accidental mesquite tree sideswipe. When I removed it we found that the rust damage was worse than anticipated and does go all the way through in some spots. The problem is that the limo conversion company's do not have access to the same primers that major auto manufacturers have, thus all the damage is in the center section of the conversion. When it rained the water soaked into the top then sat there, hence the damage. There is rust problems on the bottom of the running boards/rockerpanels because once the water soaked in through the roof, trickled down the sides, then sat and rusted through the floor. This is definitely a project car. I have remove the vinyl top and sanded that area down. All the trim/grill/lights have been removed (but they are in the trunk) as we were anticipating painting it when we did the top. Did I mention it comes with a spare Town Car for Parts? That's right, I have a spare town car that I am including in the sale. I purchased it so I would have spare doors, spare engine, spare windows, everything. The parts car, however, does not come with a title. The limo does. The parts town car does not run due to a suspected fuel pump issue. The parts town car is silver outside and black inside. The back doors of the limo and town car were switched in preparation for the painting that never happened. But alas, limos, strippers, and strip clubs go hand in hand, they all look better in the dark. If you are good at body work this is a car for you. You can go two directions with this car: Just do a fiberglass blow and go which is cheaper, but will not last as long. Or you can go the other route and cut out all the bad metal, fab new metal in place. I will try to get more current photos up. These are just ones ive pulled from my facebook. Also if you go to vimeo and put a / after the com and add this number 92962298 you will see a video called im schmacked for u of a with dj carnage. The limo makes an appearance at 1:50

$1800 Cash only no payments

153XXX Miles

If interested, please email: